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Andrew Tonge


Many Christians are not familiar with the last book in the Bible - Revelation. Many find it hard to understand and they don't take the time to study it with the help of the Holy Spirit. But saints of the living God, do you not want to know how it will all end? Don't you want to know how all things will be fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ?  


The book of Revelation is a book of Judgment. All the world will be judged. Those who have rejected the Lord Jesus and His Gospel,  will be judged. The devil and his angels will be judged. Idolatry will be judged, and death will be judged....not just judged, but judged forever. But those who have put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are forgiven of their sins, and  will escape God's wrath. 


In the book of Revelation, the Lord tells His churches where they are strong, and what they are lacking as well, and how to avoid judgment. It is clear that our Lord wants us to know that He is not only the One who gave His Life for us, and delivered us from our sin by way of the Cross, but He is the One who will take vengeance and judge all of His enemies and put them under His feet for good. In other words, no one that has ever lived will escape the Lord’s judgment.


If you look at the churches mentioned in Revelation chapter 2, you will see that even God’s people are called to repent if they have strayed and entered into idolatry or other sins. Believers will be judged and have to give account to the Lord of Glory of what they did also. Believers will be judged differently than the unbelievers, but they will be judged just the same.

Sadly today, many churches do not preach or teach on the Book of Revelation. Many believers are ignorant of God's plan for their lives because they don't fully study the whole Word of God. These believers are setting themselves up to be deceived in these last days. Don't be caught unawares, don't be ignorant. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth....and that includes the words written in the Book of Revelation.

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