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                        Watchman's  Prayer  Corner


 Please pray for


  • The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be glorified.

  • The Jewish people, Israel, and PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • The Lord to send laborers into the harvest to win souls for His kingdom.

  • God to open up our eyes and hearts to see and know the truth about everything in our lives and the world

  • The North Korean people - that the gospel will reach them.

  • The Church - the Body of Christ - to wake up.



              How To Pray For Persecuted Christians

    We pray for persecuted Christians everywhere 

- That God would hide them and protect them from their enemies, as He did with Elijah

    the prophet who  fled for his life.

- That the Lord would deliver them with a mighty hand, just as He did  when He

    delivered the Israelites from Pharaoh's pursuing army -  parting the Red Sea,

    allowing them to go over on dry land - and then destroying their enemies.

- That God would visit them supernaturally, just as He visited the  Hebrew men who

    were thrown in the  fiery furnace, being in the furnace with them.

- That they would be filled with the Holy Spirit and experience the glory  of God as

    Stephen did, when he  saw the heavens opened up as he was being stoned to death.

- That they would be supernaturally freed as Peter was when the angel  opened up

    the prison door.

- That the Lord would increase their faith to believe Him for mighty  miracles in the

   sight of their  persecutors, so that their persecutors   will, themselves, be converted

   to believe on the Lord.

- That the Lord would shut the mouths of the lions, as He did when Daniel  was thrown

   in the lion's den.

- That their enemies would destroy themselves, leaving the spoil to  God's people, as

    He did in the days  of King Jehoshaphat.

- That our mighty God would give the word to the kings and rulers in authority to

    release His people, as  He did with Pharaoh, king  Nebuchadnezzar, king Artaxerxes,

    king Cyrus.

                                                                In Jesus' mighty Name, Amen.



How To Pray For Persecuted Christians

What is persecution? - A video by Open Doors

What is persecution? - A video by Open Doors

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